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St Nicholas Sunday School is back!  Sunday School starts on October 3 2021. Please complete the Registration form by clicking on the Register Button Below.


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Meet our Teachers


Miss Kelly, Co-Director and grades 3rd and 4th grade Teacher

Meet Kelly Paris! Miss Kelly has been a part of our Sunday School program for many years. She started out teaching little ones in kindergarten and 1st grade and later transitioned to teaching 3rd and 4th graders. Kelly is also a co-director and has been for 8 years. Teaching and directing is quite the task that Kelly has mastered.  Her deccation to both is amazing and we are grateful for her. 

Outside of church Kelly is a paraprofessional at St. Catherine of Sienna in Trumbull. She is married to Michael, mother to Layla and a fur-mommy to Marsha. Thank you for all you do, Miss Kelly! We love you.

Miss Robin - PK and K Teacher

Please meet Robin Jones. Robin has been teaching our littlest ones for a 12+ years. Her love and devotion to the youngest students are unparalleled. She puts such great effort into every lesson and craft. Robin also leads our children’s choir, is the creative director of the Christmas pageant, and committee co-chair for the kid’s activities at the annual festival.

Miss Robin is married to Peter, mother to 5 very handsome boys, grandmother to Lily and is a gifted piano teacher. Miss Robin, thank you for all you do. We love you!

Miss Connie, PK and K Teacher

Please meet Connie Nunez. Connie has been teaching our littlest ones for the last 5 years in Pre-K and K. Her calm demeanor, endless patience and love make her ideally suited to teach our youngest group.

Connie is married to Charles, mother of two and recently became a grandmother for the sixth time. Thank you for all you do, Connie! We love you Miss Connie!

Miss Patti, 1st and 2nd grade Teacher

Please meet Patti Boros. She has been teaching 1st and 2nd grade for years and years. Patti is well into her 3rd decade of being a part of our Sunday school. She has been a teacher, a former Sunday School director, and she is the perennial co-director of the annual Christmas pageant. She is eternally loved by all her students and their parents. Her students learn the sacraments with the highlight being taking confession for the first time as a class. Her kids make soup and bring it to the shelters. She brings out the best in her students' creativity during the Creative Arts festivals.

Patti is wife to Gary, mom to Brett, Tara and Katherine, and situ to 4 beautiful grandbabies. We love you, Miss Patti! Thank you for all you do for Sunday School and our entire church community!

Miss Freda, 5th and 6th grade Teacher

Meet Freda Roberts! Miss Freda is our newest Sunday School teacher and has been teaching 5th and 6th grade since the start of the 2020-2021 school year. It’s been quite an adventure for her to start her Sunday school career in the middle of COVID but she has been a trooper planning her lessons and teaching virtually. Freda is also a member of the Parish Council, and has been secretary and a past president of the Council.

Outside of church, Freda is a practicing attorney, wife to Norman, mother to Ceci, Alex and Poppy. Thank you for all you are doing, Miss Freda! We love you.


Miss Michele, Co-Director and 7th and 8th grade Teacher

Meet Michele Zamary Mirmina, who has been teaching Sunday school for the last 14 years. She started out teaching 3rd and 4th graders, taught the HS kids for a period of time but has found her sweet spot teaching 7th and 8th graders, where she has been for the last several years. Michele was also Sunday School Director for 2 years from 2011-2013. Michele is truly gifted as a custodian of our faith and her students adore her.

Michele works tirelessly on behalf of the church. She spent many years as Teen SOYO advisor, she has shuttled kids back and forth to the Antiochian Village, to delegates meetings, and to The Bridgeport Rescue Mission to serve lunches. Michele is mom to two outstanding young adults, Julianne and Michael, and she continues to be a foster mom to fur babies in need. We love you, Miss Michele!

Miss Rasha, High School Teacher

Meet Rasha Tarek! Rasha has been teaching our 5th and 6th graders for the last 2 years. This past year she transitioned to teach our High School students. We are so thankful she graciously took on this new role and look forward to many years of working with her.

In ‘real life’, Rasha is an AP Math teacher at Staples HS. She is wife to George and mommy to Michael and Daniel. We love you, Miss Rasha! Thanks for all you do!